Crosslink Church reopening Saturday July 11th, 2020

Welcome back! For the past 7 weeks Crosslink church board has met more than usual to assess the situation with reopening our church, and this past Tuesday June 13th, the board voted to reopen on Saturday July 11th, 2020. 

We are excited and happy to reopen! Nonetheless, the safety of our members and guests are priority. Therefore, we are asking everyone to please practice the following guidance as we go back.

1) Wear a mask, if you don’t bring it, one will be provided for you
2) Stay at least 6 feet apart from others
3) Family can sit together, otherwise please sit in every other row at least 6 feet apart
4) No handshakes or hugs
5) If you are experiencing any of Covid-19 symptoms, please be considerate of others and stay home. Even if you have a common cold or the flu, or any other contagious illness, please love your neighbor by staying home.

We recommend to stay home if you are among the vulnerable population.

No potluck will be held at this time. We will send out another notice when this changes.

These guidelines are put in place because we want everyone to be safe. Know that in the event one of our congregants tests positive with Covid-19, we would be forcing to close again and back to square one. So, please, let’s be cautious and follow these guidelines.

Sabbath school lesson will be held at 11am as usual, and will meet for worship at 12pm as usual as well. Now, not everybody has chosen to go back to church at this time, therefore, we will still hold our virtual meetings. The Sabbath School lesson at 10am will still be held on Zoom, AND also the sermon livestream at 11:30am by pastor Sergio Ochaeta at the Crosslink Facebook page & at pastor Sergio’s youtube channel.

Sabbath School Lesson on Zoom Saturday mornings at 10:00am – Meeting ID # 862-954-104 This ID number does not change. It’s always the same every Saturday. 

Tuesday night Bible Study & prayer meeting at 7:00pm on Zoom. Meeting ID: 833-5339-8228

Going forward, Crosslink might not look and function the same as we have been used to. With Coronavirus, many things have changed. And now more than always we are going to need volunteers and come together as the body of Christ to work together and serve in His church if we want to continue Crosslink for the long haul. Two of our hard working dept. ministry heads are stepping down from their current roles: Cheryl Lewis (Head Deaconess) and Ana Acosta (Children’s Ministry). We thank Ana & Cheryl because for the past 3 years they have worked hard in serving God’s church. They have given time, energy, and resources for the service of the Lord. Many have gotten baptized at church, and the work you have done will echo in eternity. Thank you again, Ana & Cheryl.

We will soon have a business meeting to discuss the finances and ministries of Crosslink. I ask that everyone pray to the Lord and ask how you can serve Him at Crosslink. I am a strong believer that all it takes is a willing heart. “The work is plentiful but the workers are few.” Let’s do God’s work! He is coming soon 🙂

For any questions or If you would like to volunteer, please contact our head Deacon Randy Lavern, head elder Al Lewis, or pastor Sergio Ochaeta.

Let’s join in prayer for our city and nation as we go through troubling times. My hope in humanity is restored when I see we come together as a people for one another, but my main hope lies in Jesus that He will fulfill His promise soon and come back for each and everyone of us.

Carol and I miss you all. See you soon at church or online,

Pastor Sergio Ochaeta