Pandemics, earthquakes, military conflict, and increasing political division beg the question: where is the world headed? Does the Bible have answers for today’s world dilemmas?

Debuting on Mar. 6 at the Crosslink church, Discovering Revelation will explore these questions in detail, comparing the prophecies of the Bible with current-day events.

This series, hosted by Albert Lewis & Andrew Acosta, will examine historical and biblical evidence to address questions such as:

  • Why does the world seem to be changing so quickly?
  • What does the Bible say about current events?
  • How can I read Bible prophecy for myself?

Admission is free, and free child care is available.

Topics presented during Discovering Revelation will include: “A New World Order,” “Planet in Upheaval,” “Armageddon,” and “The Man of Revelation.”

You may register to attend by calling 360-909-2615 or by visiting

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